A Return from the Mysterious Remains of Pre-Colombian Civilization

San AugustinAfter five days of delving deep into the no man’s land of the Southern reaches of Colombia to discover the mysterious ancient archaeological sites, I have now returned to the white city of Popayan.  I must say that although they were some of the most arduous and grueling vehicular voyages of my entire journey, the four by four adventure high into the wind-swept Andean mountains, over ravaged dirt tracks, down into dazzling green valleys, along rivers through lush ethereal canyons, under thick forest canopies, and very narrowly fording gushing rivers erupting across landslided and destroyed mud trails perched atop high cliff-sides, turned out to be absolutely unforgettable.  Add to that racing through narrow flower lined forest trails on horseback, marveling at rolling mountaintop vistas, visiting statues carved by an ancient civilization dating back to before the birth of Christ, and climbing down spiral staircases into the dark, foreboding underground tombs of the tribal leaders of a cryptic pre-Colombian society, and the past several days indeed proved to be some of the most rewarding of my foray through the Americas thus far.

Nevertheless, I’m back, I’m alive (unfortunately I can’t say the same for the other transport full of people who were killed when their four by four fell from one of the cliffs while making the same journey only a day after us, bless their souls) and I have committed myself to finishing the Panamanian serious of my journal entries before departing from Popayan.  That said, I have a new entry that I have just finished below, and will work my fingers to the bone until I have typed my way to the Caribbean!  I hope that you enjoy the new story and stay tuned for the next installation tomorrow.


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