The Frigid Heights of Central Ecuador

A Little ChillyNow I know that you probably all think that I´ve been very lazy lately – but I haven´t!  I just haven´t been finding the time to write.  Well, that´s all about to change, as tomorrow I arrive (back) in Banos, and, as I like to call it begin my writers camp!  Am dedicating an entire week to adding new stories, photos, and whatever other fluff I can possibly think of (maybe even maps!… we´ll see).

As for life right now: Mom is fine, still stressed out, Grandma is… oh wait, not those updates.  So, New Year´s was nice, nothing spectacular (at least, not that I can remember), some parading on the streets, then darkness, then a wicked hangover in the morning (actually, all day long – I only got out of bed to go downstairs and order a pizza in the restaurant on the first floor of the hostel).

On the second, once Elkin and I had recovered from our unfortunate recourse, we agreed that we´d both had enough of the frigid weather and attitudes in Quito and decided to head to the jungle for some jungle style relaxation.  We spent three days in Tena, white water rafting, checking out the tropical animal zoo, climbing and swimming through pitch black caves (in my underwear!  I didn´t know it was going to be a bathing suit affair), and just generally relaxing and eating fat hamburgers.

Married LifeThe day that we got back it was time for Elkin to head on, so after a sad goodbye, back to Medellin he went.  I on the other hand, found myself back in Quito, right where I didn´t want to be – so the following morning I set off Southward once again.

That evening, after climbing over 1000 meters on my bike, I finally arrived in frigid Cotopaxi Park, surrounded by snow covered peaks and enshrowded in heavy mists.  It was a rude awakening, to say the least, as I hadn´t camped in almost freezing temperatures since leaving Atlanta last winter – and ya know what? Its gonna take a little getting used to again…

Funny thing about Latin America is, there ain´t no getting used to it.  Although its still quite chilly here in Latacunga about 40 kilometers South of Cotopaxi, after a huge downhill race from my old campsite, the temperatures picked up a little (just a little!), but tomorrow when I hit Banos we´ll be back in warm and temperate conditions – ah joy!

Think that puts us up to speed for now.  Will throw a couple of pics of the view from my campsite on Cotopaxi and from my little excursion to the Thursday morning market in Saquisili up for ya and you can look forward to plenty of new content in the week to come.  Saludos!


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