Lima Bean

TortugasSo, guess who’s finally in Lima?  To catch you up, after I left Trujillo I scooted down the desert coastline to a town called Casma to see the ancient ruins of Sechin.  However, I figured I’d also say one last goodbye to the coastline by taking a little side-trip to the beach at Tortugas and lazing away the day by the water.  Although it was a strange little beach-town surrounded by infinite desert and with gray pebbles all along the surf, it was actually quite a nice and sleepy atmosphere for just forgetting the world (although I suppose I don’t really need much help with that these days).  Of course, regardless of how much sunscreen I was wearing, I still managed to get burnt, but hey, it was a small price to pay for one of the most amazing sunsets of my journey.

SechinThe following day I was up bright and early and in a moto-taxi (basically the Latin American name for a tuktuk) on the way out to Sechin.  Although the ruins themselves were somewhat insignificant, the bas relief carvings were either amazingly well preserved or… restored – hey, who the hell knows, right?  After a short visit it was time to head back to the super-chic and super-cheap hostel where I was staying and catch my bus up to the mountain city of Huaraz in the Cordillera Blanca.  At 11:00am we were off and it was a loooong, bumpy road.

After about six hours of non-stop uphill climb on a one lane dirt track from the sandy deserts, through shale and rock foot-hills, and to fertile, misty Andean mountains, we finally began a short descent into the valley of Huaraz.  Of course, little did I know at the time, or until this morning when I left, that it was surrounded by absolutely stunning white, snow-capped peaks on almost every side.  Well, why didn’t I know?  Because in my four days there it rained and was overcast every single day – plus fufufufreeeezing cold.  But fortunately, in the mornings we did get some clear weather and I managed to get in on an incredible hike up to breathtaking (literally) turquoise mountain lagoons surrounded by snowy mountains (in which, yes, I did go swimming – agh!), and a morning of rock climbing – after walking through a frigid mountain river up to my knees barefoot.

Cloud-BreakSo yeah, you could imagine that when I left this morning I had had a wonderful time… but was more than ready to get back to the dry heat of the Peruvian coast.  So after a seven hour bus ride down from Huaraz, I’m now in Lima for a few days, before taking the next few legs to Cuzco to meet Momster.  As far as my schedule, I believe that I’ll be in Lima until Thursday, and then will head to the tiny desert oasis of Ica further South to do some sand-boarding (I think its obligatory if you come to these parts of Peru).  After that, a quick jaunt to Arequipa to see the city built from sparkling volcanic rock, and then finally the climb to Cuzco to finally be reunited with my long-lost mother (you can imagine that its been a while).

Oh, and tooooons of new photos up in the gallery – not my favorite work, but hey, at least it tells a story.  Hope you enjoy and more to come about the scandal and excitement of the big city soon.


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