Hola!As I arrived in South America, over six months after my departure from Atlanta, I realized that my optimistic pre-journey travel budget was a little unrealistic. Although I had exercised all measures of frugality during the North American leg of the trip, I never could have anticipated my unexpected myriad of minor pharmaceutical and medical expenses, imported bicycle replacement part and maintenance costs, and how the rising fuel prices would affect the economics of everything from tacos to lancha (long-boat) fares across Lake Atitlan.

Now, as I make my way down the spine of the Andes, I know that many long months of riding still lie before me until I reach my final destination, somewhere several thousands of miles after the bottom and halfway back up again. And although the uncertainty of running adrift somewhere in the snowy peaks of the Andes, manufacturing indigenous handicrafts and dancing in intricately woven Inca garments during traditional ceremonies to scrape by, is becoming a disturbingly plausible scenario for my future, somewhere in my heart I’d still rather forge onwards until I’m back with my kin in Brazil.

Therefore, in an effort to implement whatever resources and skills that I have available to me, almost every day that isn’t spent cycling steadily down the length of the Americas is dedicated to researching places and cultures, to bring you vivid and informative accounts of the world around me, investing countless hours into spinning engaging and colorful stories for your enjoyment, and taking as many beautiful photos as possible while constantly reading upon and improving my education in digital photography so that I can better show you the miraculous views through my eyes (not to mention the endless hours of photo editing and painfully slow photo uploads on not-so-broad-band indigenous internet ;). And so, if you find yourself at work, at home, or around town relishing in the writing of my blog or marveling at my panorama of exotic photography and want to say thanks for putting in the time, effort, and dedication to bring it to you, show me some love and leave a donation to help me continue the journey!


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